…but it’s not the end!

Unfortunately the time has come to announce the closure of our Harborne clinic, and temporary shut-down of our online services.

Inform Physio was created in the whirlwind that was the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, with one clear mission: bring elite-level physiotherapy care based on the latest available research to the people of Birmingham.

Starting off as an online-only service, we grew very quickly (once we were all allowed back out!) and opened our clinic site at Movement Therapy Clinics in Harborne. We’ve had a great three years there working alongside the rest of the team, and it’s been a pleasure getting to know many of you and help you realise your recovery goals and sporting potential.

When I decided I wanted to be a physiotherapist back at the age of 17, the dream was to work for an international sports team and travel the world. As the degree and career progressed, ambitions and opportunities changed, but the flame was still burning in the background. For additional context, I became unemployed just as we were moving into the start of the first lockdown.

Since then, my sports physiotherapy career has risen on meteoric proportions through opportunities with England Netball, Lawn Tennis Association and now as a physiotherapist for UK Sports Institute. In same three years, I have had the pleasure of visiting New Zealand, Dubai, South Korea, Columbia, China, Türkiye and a raft of other countries throughout Europe such as Germany, France and Poland.

As a consequence of the additional work obligations out of the country, it has been difficult to maintain my commitment to the above mission and also keep a healthy life outside of work. Upon reflection, and with a heavy heart, I accept that this is the best outcome for all.

A huge thank you to those who saw something in the clinic to invest their time and money, for the laughs in clinic, and for the smiles when the outcomes matched or went above expectation.


Inform Physio is merely having a bit of a sabbatical.

We have already started working several projects in the background that align better to who we are and what we stand for, and we’ll look to return to online consultations when the time is right.

Keep following us on our Instagram & X (Twitter) for more updates – until then…

Stay Ahead of Life.

Kieran McMahon