It Depends…

Two words that seem rather…well, lazy. A bit lacklustre; indecisive. In a world that demands answers to be black and white, definitive and absolute, “it depends” doesn’t really sit comfortably with most.

However, there are very few things on this planet with ‘black and white’ solutions, and physiotherapy is no exception. There are a myriad of factors and reasons that can influence a condition, injury or treatment from one person to another; from prior expectations of what the injury or treatment is, to the way in which care is delivered as well as the varied lifestyles we all lead. For both clinicians and patients, this can be rather unsettling – and so from the black and white we seek, we fall into the many shades of grey (we’ve been told there’s 50, apparently).

Rest assured – this is a good thing; “it depends” is nothing to be feared of. As physios, we need to be more comfortable saying this. As people, we need to be more comfortable hearing this. It is, however, not enough.

At Inform Physio, we seek to embrace the landscape of ‘grey’ in order to deliver a tailored approach to your injury or condition management – understanding WHY it depends ensures that the right approach is taken every time.

After all, We specialise in You.

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